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Arie Setya Putra

Name- Arie Setya Putra,S.Kom.,M.T.IOther Name- Gilby El .Birth- Lampung Province, 01 Februari 1987.Height/Weight- 175 cm / 80 kg. Dream- Astronout. Hobby- Art , Mofication Car, Traveling and Photograph .Status Mariage. Wife- Ochi Marshella Febriyani, S.Kom.,M.T.I. Daughter- Athilla Salsabilla Al Khanza. Address- enter Google Maps write Arie Setya Putra Ltd. Cell Phone- 08117277771 - 082371777707 - 082176777711 Blackberry ID- 28127B15. Web- ariesetyaputra.Com.Blog- Email-